• Non-Technical Skills

    airate has designed and delivered Non-Technical Skills training to a wide range of teams working in very busy airports.

  • Non-Technical Skills

    airate works in close partnership with busy aviation clients to identify the Non-Technical Skills that are critical to the team’s work and to create and deliver bespoke training solutions.

  • Non-Technical Skills

    airate has designed and delivered Non-Technical Skills training for a Helicopter Emergency Medicine service HEMS.

  • Non-Technical Skills

    at airate are informed by the concepts of emotional labour in action.

Anger in airports

angry man

Airate has designed and delivered ‘Dealing with Drama’ and ‘Face2Face’ Non-Technical Skills training to a very wide range of airport and aviation employees (including check-in, aviation security, cabin crew, airside operations, fire-fighters, coach drivers and telephone reservations agents, to name a few) for several large ‘household name’ clients. These innovative, dynamic and fun training courses are always tailored to the needs of the client’s teams and focuses on the emotional management aspects of dealing with angry and frustrated travellers. The training is underpinned by post-graduate qualitative and quantitative research at London Heathrow Airport, into the emotional management work of front-line employees in dealing with anger and conflict.  Many UK-based employees have benefited from this training and many more have travelled from other European and Middle Eastern countries to participate.

Airate likes to keep busy. Here is a selection of client comments.

“I believe a key element of Anni’s success was her ability to explain human behaviour and reactions in a non-technical way that resonated with our employees.”

“Anni is a pleasure to do business with, always sharp, professional and reliable. Anni produced on our behalf a superbly detailed government training document in relation to aviation security. This was delivered sensitively, securely and well within the timescale set. Airate is a real asset to anyone’s training team.”

“Anni is highly charismatic, dedicated and articulate. It has been a distinct pleasure to work with a professional, caring and diligent individual. I would without reservation recommend Anni to your organisation.”

“Anni is professional, punctual and committed to providing the most appropriate training to the varied working groups within our operation. Feedback from our staff has always been very positive about both the content and delivery of Anni’s training.”

“Airate training classes are imaginative, interactive and fun and the feedback from our crew members is always excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other organizations.”

“The course was creative, interesting and fun and added greatly to the abilities of my staff. The feedback from all members of staff on the course was entirely positive and the professionalism of Ms. Ridsdill Smith was commendable. I am certain that you will be more than satisfied with the results of her training in informing the performance and confidence of your staff.”

“Anni is professional, creative and adaptable. She has excellent resources for her training sessions and is a pleasure to work with.”

“Anni is driven, open and honest and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her and her services.”

“Anni’s work has focused on projects with the Airport Fire & Rescue Service and Airside Operations Teams which incorporated key elements of Team Resource Management (TRM). This was a particularly different focus for these teams and due to her passion and knowledge in this area, and her skills in delivery, Anni was quickly able to engage the teams in the content. Overall Anni has an excellent ability to drill down into the heart of the matter in order to ensure the training design and delivery is bespoke and tailored to truly ‘hit the spot’.”

“Airate has brought Team Resource Management within pre-hospital care to a new level. Innovative, experienced and an expert facilitator Anni has enabled the multi-disciplined Doctor and Paramedic teams to work better together in a highly complex and pressurised environment where mistakes can often be a life or death situation. Providing the clinicians with a set of skills, knowledge and understanding that ensures mistakes are learnt from and errors avoided or managed proactively. I would recommend her to any business or group that has teams in a high risk industry.”